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Magic Audio Recorder 7.4

Magic Audio Recorder is an advanced audio recorder tool for your PC
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Magic Audio Recorder is an advanced audio recorder tool for your PC that pushes the limits of traditional audio recording. Most of the audio recording tools can record audio as WAV file format that is really big in size and offers poor quality, even Windows audio recorder does the same. But Magic Audio Recorder enables you to record sound to MP3, WAV and WMA files that are ready to burn on CDs and DVDs.
User interface is still simpler than ever. Just select an output file type, name the recording file and click on the record button to start recording. You can save the recording to the desired location on your PC or to any removable storage device like USB pen drives or thumb drives.
One more feature that makes this tool different from the other sound recorders is its “Voice Active System” that can help you record sound without silence. Silence is the most common error or unwanted thing in a voice recording that is removed using third party audio editing tools. But using Magic Audio Recorder, you will get clear sound with no noise or silence that you may not need to remove later. You will save time and money also.
Additionally you can adjust the audio quality of the recording if desired. The better the quality, the bigger the size of recording file will be. It’s all up to your needs.
You can also record music, audio books, online music and everything that you can hear from your PC speakers using Magic Audio Recorder.

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  • Can record any audio as MP3, WAV and WMA formats
  • Voice active system can help you to record sound without silence


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